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About Us

Our History

Our journey to the board initiated from very basic Canteen in a very small rural area. With 20 years of experience and after widing numerous branches, Now we started to bring this Divine foods to your Doorstep

  • You Believe in Taste and Quality.
  • We Believe in your satisfaction.​

Fresh Food

We use halal meet and fresh
ingridients to cook this
lavish and divine foods.

Reasonable Price

We never compromise in Quality
and in Quantity, We serve foods
in a very resonable price.

Fast Delivery

Our delivery system is literally,
beyond your Imagination
U ring V Bring 🙂

Established in 2020 Arcot Tamilnadu

Our only moto is to serve you the Divine aand Delicious Foods.

With 20+ years of experience in serving Divine and delicious foods to you, Now we took one step forward and brought it to your doorstep. You Ring, We Bring.

Just taste our food once in your life, We promise you, you will never forget the lavish taste.

"I've known what it is to be hungry, but I always went right to a restaurant."
Shanavaz. k
Founder of SHA Kitchen

Our Chef


Shaikh Saijuddin

Taste the Divine

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